From the Depths/Next Victim Split LP

From the Depths have just released a split LP with Next Victim, the most haunting band in Poland. These new From the Depths songs are darker and fiercer than their debut album; the Next Victim tracks are at once hypnotic and heart-rending. Both bands&srquo; recordings are available for free downloading in their entirety on this website.

The LP has been released in Europe by the famous Polish punk label Nikt Nic Nie Wie along with Zaraza Productions and Scream Records; it will be available in the US shortly through Stickfigure distribution.

In addition, in February, From the Depths will tour the West Coast of the US with the amazing Austrian hardcore band Plague Mass, whose new LP CrimethInc. just helped release. Hurry out to see these bands—this is probably your last chance.