Q. What ths difference between MP3 and AAC files?

A. AAC is a newer format that boasts higher musical fidelity than MP3s at the same bittrate—in other words, AAC files simply sound better. AAC files are compatible with nearly all recent digital music players and operating systems, including all iPods and iPhones, as well as players from Creative, Microsoft and Sony, among others. MP3s are sonically inferior, though are compatible with a broader range of music players. It would be wise to make sure your player can play AAC files before choosing them over MP3—here is an incomplete list of some hardware that supports AAC. Also worth noting—you can easily re-encode AAC files to MP3s, if you need MP3 versions at a later date, using free music managment software such as Apple's iTunes.

Q. How do I open this ZIP file I just downloaded?

A. Our music downloads are packaged into zipped archives (with .zip at the end of the file name) to ensure a trouble-free download. In Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS X, opening a zipped file is as simple as double clicking it. If you are having difficulties, we'll let the Tech Pros guide you thorugh it.