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Let it go—close your eyes

All stories come to an end, and there’s nothing left to tell

Those who cannot get revenge can at least destroy themselves
And we’ll meet again in nothingness
For the world we want does not exist
It waits for us in nothingness

Wanting wings
It weighed us down
Till we could scarcely lift our eyes
But like vultures bury
The dead in the sky
Without such heavy hearts, we could fly

Do you remember when we were in love
Dying of desire
For an unreceivable
The heart in my chest
Like a tortured animal
The nerves in my flesh
They were Roman candles
Now that’s done

And we must run, we must run a marathon
With no sense of what waits at the end
Across empty miles
We run
Under empty skies
We run and run
Over empty years

Snow melts, wood rots, stone wears away
But the ghosts of all we’ve never lived don’t ever seem to fade

Like a weeping, wailing army
Like a sweeping, surging tide
We could meet at the horizon
Where the earth and sky collide
We could
We could

So I’m still running         On
Alone and fatigued        And on
Where are the others    And on
where do we meet?     And on

And we’ll meet again
In nothingness
In nothingness