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Let the Black Flag Fly


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Let the black flag fly
Let them reap what they sow
All the smothered anger
Let a hard wind blow
Let every victim remember
All the vengeance we owe
Teach our masters regret should they ever forget
Power comes from below

From gutters and ghettos, oppressed and accursed
Blisters of violence swelling to burst
From smoldering resentment and broken trust
From us
The hopeless
The programmed
The poverty stricken
The butchered
The beaten
The outcasts who meet in perdition

Let the black flag fly
Let the conquerors crawl
Let them lecture on justice
With their backs to the wall
Can you even remember
Breathing freely at all
Let us lose all our fear and let loose all our tears
Let a hard rain fall

On towers erected to dwarf our frail frames
On pipelines that flow from our open veins
On wastelands that mirror unspoken interior pain

Deserts emptied of foliage
Futures emptied of meaning
Empires emptied of solace
Husks emptied of feeling

Let the heavens open
The dams overflow
Joining sea and sky
Merging above and below

For once all flesh and continents are mapped
In the machinery of order
We’re better off unborn, or else adrift
On seas that wash no shores
So let the rain become a raging flood
To wash away buildings and boundaries
Swallow whole the world we have known
And as the waters rise
Let the black flag fly